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Strength, Beauty and Security

Traditional ornamental wrought iron is still one of the most beautiful and decorative options available. Though it is decorative do not let its looks deceive you. It is one of the strongest sturdiest fences available. Old Dutchman’s Wrought Iron, Inc. talented craftsmen create all its custom ornamental wrought iron fencing by hand. The quality of the product is unmatched in strength and beauty.

Unlike many pre-manufactured (mass produced) fencing on the market today Metalica, can custom bend our fencing to follow almost any curved profile. This custom feature is extremely important when installing fencing around pools when you may have curved concrete and space is of premium. Most pre-manufactured (mass produced) fence systems would have to be segmented around the curved concrete profile taking up precious space and not looking as good as a curved fence would.

We offer many custom fence systems suited for all residential and commercial applications. Our fence systems can be designed to complement any architectural style. Whether you require a rather simple or very complex layout or design we can build it for you, Metalica prides itself on going that extra mile to meet all our customer’s needs.

Our fencing is fabricated in our own facility by experienced professional ornamental fabricators using the newest technology and installed by our own trained and experienced installers (you can install our fencing yourself please inquire). Fencing is assembled in sections using fasteners designed for your specific project. All our fences are custom built with solid, hand forged steel. Any pattern can be incorporated into any fence, please browse our photo gallery to see the wide range of railings we have custom built. Old Dutchman’s Wrought Iron understands the importance of the long-term investment our customers are making in their home and/or business.



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